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CamDive 67mm Red Dive Filter (Wet)


UPC: 641676934307


CamDive Red diving filter
Starting from 15-20 ft Underwater, red color starts to wash out by the filtering effect of water, the deeper you dive the more of the warm red spectrum is filtered out from the ambient light. In order to get warm colors back, you need to filter out blue spectrum with this filter.The filter can be installed and removed during the course of the dive.It is used to restore the warm color absorbed by blue water and you can make nice colorful pictures and videos.This Red Filter comes with an attachment string, that you can tie to your underwater housing to prevent the loss.(Photo of Underwater housing for reference only!)

Compatible models of MEIKON underwater housings :

For Sony

  • A5000/5100
  • A6000/6300
  • NEX 5(16mm & 18-55mm)
  • NEX 5N(16mm & 18-55mm)
  • NEX 5R/5T(16-50mm)
  • NEX 6(16-50mm)
  • NEX 7(16-50mm)
  • RX100, RX100 II, RX100 III, RX100 IV
For Canon
  • EOS M3(22mm)
  • G5X
  • G7X
  • G9X
  • G15,G16
  • S100,S110,S120
For Olympus
  • E-M5
  • E-M5 II
  • E-M10
  • E-P5
For Nikon
  • 1 J5(10mm & 10-30mm)
For Fujifilm
  • X100S
For Panasonic
  • GM1

And other underwater housings that have 67mm thread on the port of the housing

Package includes:
  • CamDive® Red diving filter (67mm)

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